📱Use Proxmark3 X on Android

Learn how to use Proxmark3 X with Android phone with USB and Bluetooth Connection.

RFID Tools

This Android App is a necessary research tool in the field of RFID. It includes Proxmark3 universal client. The client comes from the latest RRG Iceman repo. You can use it to connect your Proxmark 3 RDV4.0 via Bluetooth or USB-OTG.

Download the RFID Tools app on Play Store

Firmware for Proxmark3 X

The factory firmware of Proxmark3 X with RDV4.0 firmware. If you need to re-flash the default firmware, download it from Google Drive below.

View all files of Proxmark3 X on Google Drive

USB Connection

The OTG adapter is required if there is no USB A Socket on your Android device.

Bluetooth Connection

Device Name: Proxmark3 X

Bluetooth Version: SPP 3.0

Authentication Code: 1234

Notice: Please allow the location permission of the app if your system is over Android 6.0.

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